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Do Stories Help People Adopt Two-factor Authentication

by: Chris Fennell and Rick Wash


Recent research suggests that stories and storytelling can be used to help people make better security decisions. We are interested in using stories as a way to influence users to voluntarily enable two-factor authentication on their accounts. We conducted three studies that each focused on a different story type that would attempt to help users identify with the stories and lead to voluntary adoption of Two-factor. We presented these stories to samples from MTurk and Qualtrics and examined their reactions. We found that overall the stories were effective in convincing users to be willing to adopt two-factor authentication; however, our attempts to narrow in on the mechanism that made the stories effective alluded us.


Chris Fennell and Rick Wash. “Do Stories Help People Adopt Two-factor Authentication.” Poster in Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS).August 2019.

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